If Nature is your design platform, can you truly leverage its power?

Co-designing with nature means that you need to build with blocks that you didn’t invent and in environments that are not yet fully understood.

At Officinae Bio we leverage the data from everything you do to generate actionable insights to improve your DNA and organism design and to guide what to do next.

Is your team reaching the insight your data holds?

It takes weeks to gather and analyse data and often, it does not provide the needed clarity. It is difficult to see the relationships between the factors and decide with confidence what experiments to run next.

Ultimately, this slows down development and increases costs not only of current programs but of future ones because you need to start from scratch.
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See It, Understand It, Predict It.

Our platform enables you to see and understand the complex relationships between the various factors impacting your system. It integrates and analyses your experimental data and builds models that can predict the system response. It sheds light on previously hidden interactions and thus reveal new opportunities. Our platform helps you move research beyond trial and error discovery to a targeted development. 
Our Platform

What could you do with your data?

Design Better DNA

Create DNA designs that are both manufacturable and deliver the target outcomes. Our algorithms will indicate potential issues with your DNA designs both as function and manufacturability before you build. 
Build Complex DNA constructs

Translate your most ambitious designs into actual DNA constructs. Your data can unlock the opportunities that you previously discarded as you couldn’t manufacture your designs.
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Explore DNA foundry
Optimise reagents / growth media

Get to your target performance faster by leveraging your data to guide your best next experiment
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Explore Adaptive Design of Experiments

Case Studies

AI-designed assembly of intractable constructs

35% reduced time to prototype
Business challenge

A developer of bio-based Antibiotics, designed a 35 kbp metabolic pathways for the biosynthesis of an antibiotic for the treatment of juvenile acne containing  enzymes from the Streptomyces genus with an avg. GC content > 72% preventing the synthesis of the constructs.

Solution Delivered

OB deployed its proprietary AI-driven algorithm to design DNA fragments that could be both synthesized and assembled using the client’s assembly method of choice (Gibson assembly).

Impact created

OB delivered Sanger-verified clones in 6 months vs. 9+ months it took the client to achieve the same results. Protocols were transferred to the client for subsequent assemblies increasing the first-try success rate.

Neural Network models for reagent composition optimization

100X performance improvements
Business challenge

An expert in Cell Free Synthesis faced the challenge to optimize the reagent mix to maximize protein production using cell-free in vitro transcription-translation.

Solution Delivered

Our solution used neural network models to select the most important parameters and identify optimal conditions to boost protein expression.

Impact created

Achieved more than 100X performance over the baseline by exploring only 800 different combinations over hundreds more theoretically possible ones. Additionally, discovered an unanticipated behaviour with a different kinetics that supported longer operations.

Culture medium optimization for protein expression

48% yield improvements
Business challenge

A leader in Protein Synthesis needed to boost protein expression  of a human cytokine without genetically modifying the host organism.

Solution Delivered

OB leveraged its expertise in adaptive design of experiments to explore the  medium formulation space to find alternative media composition to boost protein expression.

Impact created

Improve yield 48% over the baseline while screening only 500 mutants and despite the facts the experimental space was scarce and most of the mutants were inactive.

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